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Here at Align osteopathic clinic, we aim to resolve pain but even more importantly, we aim to identify underlying causes of back pain and other injuries.

One major contributory cause of back pain for people who are sat at a desk all day is poor posture. Read on for more details…

Office workers suffer from a multitude of aches and pains and repetitive strain problems.

However, by using a wedge shaped cushion on your seat or tilting the seat angle forward 20 – 30 degrees, you reduce a lot of discomfort that is produced from poor and prolonged posture.

The biomechanical benefits from making this simple change are as follows…

1. The pelvis is tilted forward which promotes the natural lumbar spine curve.

2. The lumbar spine muscles are activated which will maintain and even strengthen these muscles.

3. The mid back will straighten, which will prevent slouched posture.

4. The shoulders will be in a more natural position, instead of rolling forwards.

5. The head will remain neutral rather than protracting forward and straining neck muscles.

6. The hips will be less flexed therefore reducing hip flexor tightness.

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