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At our Fleet and Hampton osteopathic clinics, where we provide osteopathy & physiotherapy treatments, our philosophy to treating patients is to utilise a holistic approach. Instead of just addressing short term issues, we will look and help with posture, re-assess the types of exercise you do and your overall health, in order to treat the source of the problem. Our treatments are designed to address the problem whilst also focusing on preventative care and long-term solutions. This means we use hands-on treatment, work on postural improvements and prescribe home physio exercises. If a more comprehensive exercise programme is required or you simply enjoy these forms of exercise, we have tailored one to one Core Conditioning classes available at the clinic.

About Tishani

Osteopathy & Physiotherapy in Fleet & Shepperton

Tishani Sitters graduated from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine in 2011 after completing a 4 year undergraduate honours in Osteopathy.

Tishani has a broad range of osteopathic skills; she is a structural osteopath who combines a wide range of soft tissue techniques, articulatory manoeuvres and gentle manipulations to encourage the body to better health. She has further developed her scope of practise to become a cranial osteopath, which is a fantastic form of treatment for babies through to adults.

With a keen interest in Netball, Yoga and Pilates, Tishani has always been fascinated with the intricacies of the human body since her teenage years. Whilst studying, she played county netball and now continues to enjoy the sport with a local netball team.

Tishani’s main focus is for patients to engage in their well-being and achieve the best out of their bodies. Firstly, through hands on therapy and adjustments, and secondly through prescribed exercises and movement to make a difference in people’s lives.

Tishani is a registered Osteopaths and a member of  GOsC – the governing body of UK Osteopaths, which has strict codes of ethics and professional conduct. Tishani is also a member of The Institute of Osteopathy.

About James

Osteopathy & Physiotherapy in Fleet & Shepperton

James Dewey qualified at Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010. After many years running a successful practice in the city of York, he returned home to Hampshire in 2018.

Highly skilled in providing effective treatment, utilising a variety of techniques such as, joint manipulation and mobilisation, deep tissue massage, medical acupuncture, posture correction and specific physio based exercises, his patient-centred approach is dynamic and designed to bring about an early resolution to an individual’s condition.

Fully qualified in Osteopathic Medicine, Sports massage, Medical acupuncture and Personal training, for 15 years he has been treating a wide range of patients, presenting with a variety of injuries, ailments and musculoskeletal problems.

James, like all Registered Osteopaths are regulated by GOsC – the governing body of UK Osteopaths, which has strict codes of ethics and professional conduct. James is also a member of The Institute of Osteopathy.

During his spare time James enjoys regular swimming, mountain biking, gym sessions and playing for a local 5 a side football team.

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